Responsive Framework

It is crucial to know about some of the best responsive design frameworks that work really well. This helps with overall efficacy of a website. Listed below are 10 best open source, responsive HTML5 frameworks that you can look for:


This is also a highly popular responsive front-end framework. The advanced framework will let you approach web design from mobile or from large displays cut down to fit mobile sizes. Its popularity is attributed to rapid-prototyping capabilities. Most web development companies recommend it for the efficient, responsive grid system and many other features it comes equipped with. An excellent framework offered by ZURB, an organization of product designers fully focused on offering state of the art web-based solutions, Foundation is a highly recommended responsive design framework.

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a very popular. This advanced front-end/UI development framework is packed with features. It comes equipped with everything you would need for developing responsive websites and apps. It offers the following:

  • 12-grid responsive layout
  • 13 custom jQuery plugins for all common UIs including modal windows and carousels
  • Bootstrap customizer
  • Much more

The well documented framework promises a lot of coverage for your tutorial sites and blogs.


It is a very simple, clean responsive CSS boilerplate. It promises a responsive interface for all HTML5 websites and apps. The skeleton comes equipped with all things you will need. Some of the best features of this framework include:

  • Standard media queries for device-specific CSS style properties
  • A responsive layout grid
  • CSS class for responsive image elements that can scale with layout grid
  • PSD template to mock up web designs
  • HTML5 shiv for old web browsers

In case, you are looking forward to get started with a responsive design fast, Skeleton is the best choice.

HTML KickStart

This is the newest one on the block. The lean package for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files promises to save a lot of time for UI developers. You will get stylish buttons, navigation bars, a responsive grid layout, scalable icons, touch-enabled slideshow component and much more at just 300KB.

Montage HTML5 Framework

The open source HTML5 framework is easily available for creating modern apps. JavaScript library makes use of declarative binding. It will let you keep the UI and app data in sync. Blueprints feature will bind metadata associatively to app objects. It is a nifty function required for dealing with good amount of dynamic page elements.

HTML5 Boilerplate

After its official launch in the year 2010, it became a very popular open source front-end web development tools for acquiring HTML5 websites as well as web apps up and running without taking much time. Compilation of web development solutions will allow your websites to provide ample support for present day web browsers.
The framework includes the following features:

  • Mobile-friendly HTML template
  • Placeholder icons
  • CSS resets for standardizing/normalizing style sheet property values
  • Standard media queries for viewing screens
  • HTML5 shiv for web browsers (non-modern)


The front-end framework builds HTML5 apps in a jiffy. The MVC architecture pattern is followed by this framework ensuring users capacity to craft experiences similar to native for the Web.


The suite of open source JavaScript tools and libraries will create very rich, highly interactive HTML5 content. CreateJS comprises of 5 modular JavaScript libraries. This lets you implement animation effects and support HTML5 audio in a website.


This is rich UI open source framework open source framework that leverages HTML5 canvas as the central point of its rendering abilities. The best part is that you can get started with Zebra in just 5 minutes.

Less Framework

This is yet another modern front-end framework highly recommended for building responsive designs. It shares a lot of similarities with Skeleton and emphasises on offering a plain and very simple layout grid framework. Less Framework is available to the following pre-built layouts:

  • Default
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Wide Mobile

So what Responsive design framework you use? The above list is based on quantitative and qualitative features of the frameworks. These are offered by highly reputed companies and ensures the best of development activity.