It may be difficult for most of us to accept, but it’s true that the Twitter crowd is impulsive. You may call this volatile or even disloyalty, but this is what happens in the Twitter environment. Remember that the followers will unfollow you the moment they find you violating their preconceived notions/rules of do’s and dont’s on Twitter.

Well, this may not matter for many of us as we will consider it as their loss! After all, numbers don’t matter! However, it is not really wise to alienate users needlessly. Sometimes, you may be losing followers for the wrong reasons.

The guide will give you a clear idea on some of the serious blunders that might cost you traffic:

1. Tweeting Off Topic

The profile bio of your Twitter will inform visitors what you are exactly tweeting about. You need to avoid straying from the topic. Your followers you will first read your bio and get a sense of who you are. They will also assess the type of content you will be filling their feed with. Their decision of following you or not following you will be based on your profile bio. People follow you as they can get some value from you (information, entertainment, association, etc.). For instance, if someone checks out the Twitter profile of Kylie Jenner, he/she expects her to tweet about her cosmetics, upcoming launches, TV shows, etc. This is precisely what her bio suggests. However, if she starts tweeting about computers or medicines, the followers will lose interest.

In order to prevent yourself from diverting from the topic, define your goals for Twitter. You may deviate once in a while, but generally, the tweets need to be on topic. Also list the most important topics in your profile bio. These are keywords characterizing your industry.

2. Explosion of Information

Well, this is very dangerous. Information is good. However, too much of it will certainly make people feel that you are crazy and you will lose followers. You should control yourself and restrain from giving into your Twitter impulses. The best thing to do is try out Buffer or something similar to it. This will help you to manage your Tweets. The release of tweets will be in a controlled manner. Remember tweet geysers are extremely annoying. They can also clog up a feed with irrelevant or unnecessary information from a single source. Avoid being annoying!

3. No Value

Almost all Twitter users are looking for a value exchange. This value system is not complex. Twitter users focus on providing value to other users (followers). They also want to receive value from others (those who they follow). In case, they feel that you aren’t delivering value, their first action will be to unfollow you. Providing value isn’t a difficult task. You can do it by tweeting helpful links, quick tips, informative research/ studies, and industry-specific news. On the contrary, when you tweet about yourself, your own product, your feelings, preferences or moods.

Twitter is all about value. Once you stop providing value, you get voted off the space! Only celebrities can go for self-focused tweets because everyone wants to know about them, the time hey wake up, products they use, place they travel to, what they feel etc. This is precisely the reason people follow them. However, if you are not a celebrity, then give value to your followers or you lose followers.

4. DMing Unknown People

DMs are certainly a no-no in most situations. These are very annoying. If it is your buddy, you have been DMing for an immediate event or something urgent, it is fine. Remember that many of the direct messages are spam. No wonder most people have their Twitter message box loaded with spam. Those who send it automatically gets removed from follow list. People hate spam and those who DM. No wonder most account holders these days are calling for Twitter to remove DMs. Many have also made special tools to clean up DMs.

5. No Information

Those who provide their followers information are the best Twitter users. People are constantly searching for information. Some consider Twitter as a vast and genuine source of information for topics they are interested in. So a Twitter feed including a variety of information is very useful. To be able to offer information, link to an infographic, some actionable tips related to the industry, RT of industry leader quote, some insightful observation related to the industry etc.

Giving information will let you retain your followers. Once you do so, you will lose them.

6. Being Offensive

Many stories have been making rounds on the internet related to the impact of some wrong tweets on people. Yes, many have lost their jobs, got divorced spouse, fortunes, etc. You may not believe, but some Facebook posts and tweets have created sensations and even made people land in the prison.
So you have to be very careful. One of the best things to do is to avoid certain kinds of tweets including the following listed below:

– Harsh
– Judgmental
– Bodily functions
– Photos taken during your state of inebriation
– Critical
– Negative
– Curse words
– Accusatory
– Extreme views on religion
– Mocking
– Extreme political viewpoints
– Complaining
– Extreme views on race
– Arrogant
– Demeaning

There are some individuals belonging to certain niches or industries are allowed to post offensive language indiscriminately. This will not lead to any kickback or censure. However, professionals from professional industries and those with less tolerance for spicy/salty language and racy topics should be very careful and clean on Twitter.

7. Silence

Being silent on Twitter will not get you followers. Most people tend to curate their Twitter follow list to gain maximum value. After all, why would anyone follow you if you Are not a tweeter? Practising silence on Twitter will make you lose followers.

In a Nutshell

Remember that your Twitter followers comprise of leads, potential partners, existing customers, potential clients, and all important contacts. Hence, all of these are too important to lose. So it is better to avoid the above listed mistakes to prevent your account from losing followers. These tips will also help you sustain your existing followers and enjoy a steady gain of followers. Good Luck!